Food for Travelling

This week my partner and I are off to Iceland, then Amsterdam. We’re doing the mini stopover Icelandair keeps advertising. Hurray for Icelandair!

That said, there is apparently no complimentary food served on Icelandair. Even if there were, I’d have doubts. The only decent meal I can recall on board an aircraft is a curry I ate on Air India. The snacks on Porter flights deserve an honourable mention.

Our flight leaves around 9pm tonight and airport food is notoriously bad and/or overpriced. So, this trip I’ve gone all out and packed enough for dinner. 

Here is what is in my carry on:

  • Veggie sticks
  • Cumin seed and garlic crackers
  • Roasted garlic and white bean dip
  • Quinoa and black bean salad with a miso-lime dressing and crunchy chickpeas

Yummmm. And no worries about food spoilage. 
I’ll post my cracker and white bean dip recipes when I can. B and I will be on the road.


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