Right now, my partner and I are settled with our very cute pooch in the big city and are taking advantage of all there is to enjoy about an urban metropolis. We live in a 430sq ft condo, and our kitchen is a tiny fraction of that.

On this blog, you’ll hear about my experiments in the kitchen, but also about my food adventures in Toronto and elsewhere. I was lucky to grow up in a family that emphasized cooking from scratch,with matriarchs who are (or were) pure magic in the kitchen. We never shied away from butter and it really can make anything better.

That said, I am on a bit of a health kick. Lately, I’ve been incorporating more whole grains into, and removing refined sugars from, my repertoire. Even so, you won’t see any calorie counting here. I do love a good cake.

As a bonus, over the warmer months you might see a camp recipe or two, since I like to get outside and will not settle for spam 😉