Blackberry cornmeal muffins

I’ve made one past attempt to mix cornmeal, all purpose and whole wheat flour to make a healthier cornmeal muffin. These were… lacklustre. A quarter of the batch went uneaten.

But these muffins; they smell delicious, taste delicious and I love love love the texture. They’re made with two grains (corn and spelt), and almond meal, giving them a sort of nutty quality. This was also my very first time using chia rather than egg in a baked good, and I was pleasantly surprised. They weren’t heavy, or overly moist, which I have found happens when I’ve swapped in banana as an egg replacement.


Chia is one of those ‘superfoods’ you keep hearing about, but really it’s just like any other food trend: great in moderation. I do want to give a quick comparison of egg to chia, so here it is.

I’ll use 1tbsp of chia because combined with 3tbsps of water it is considered the equivalent to 1 egg in baking.

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