bread in oven

An overnight white bread

This week I’ve been re-balancing my routine, and even though I’m not working a lot of hours at the moment, I feel so busy! I’ve been to the gym every day, gone on a long walk or two with the bean (aka the dog), plus my usual volunteering and buzzing about. I also need to get my passport renewed so I waltzed over to Chinatown for pictures.

A walk in the Don Valley!
A walk in the Don Valley!

This bread, and tonight’s dinner are comfort food. A broth-y soup, along with a crusty bread are a winning combination. The bread is a bit complicated, so we’ll start there. The soup recipe will come later on this week, but I’m already soaking the beans.

Pinto beans soaking in water.

This bread recipe is one I’ve adapted from Flour, water, salt yeast: The fundamentals of artisan bread and pizza by Ken Forkish, and it isn’t a fermented dough. I’ll run a post or two on different kinds of shorter ferment based bread doughs, but true sourdough isn’t in the cards for now. My partner and I experimented with keeping a sourdough culture alive last year, and we made a lot of delicious bread, pancakes, waffles and muffins (you can pretty well throw it into anything). Still, it wasn’t enough to justify all that delicious rye flour on feedings. We fed once per week, so really, we should have been baking once a week to make it worthwhile. We let our little culture die. If we decide to run another sourdough project, you’ll be the first to know.

This bread doesn’t involve a pre-ferment and it’s similar to the No Knead Bread recipe made famous in the New York Times. It is a little more laborious, involving some folding. Still no kneading though! I’ve split the recipe to create only one loaf, baked in a 4qt Lodge Dutch oven.

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